Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Luvstory Sweater

Yet another sweater for fall :)

I'm quickly realizing that I am almost exclusively a sweater and jacket designer!

I suppose because sweaters and jackets tend to be my favorite thing to wear...

The newest addition to the Fall line is:

The Luvstory Sweater

My favorite model has been visiting the homeland of PEI for the past 7 weeks... it's so great to have her back!

A heads up to all you Montrealers out there... I will finally be selling at a store locally! It is located in Old Montreal on St-Pierre & St-Paul Ouest, called Gallery Zone Orange.

They will be stocked with Little Houses as of the first week of August :)



  1. So cool. I LOVE large collars on ANYTHING!

  2. Hi! Absolutely love your clothes! Found them through Supermarket. I want to order the La Fleur jacket, but thought I'd just ask you if it stretches a bit?(cause according to the measurements it will be a bit tight around the chest).

    Camilla, Norway


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