Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fall in the works...

It's been a bit of a sweat shop around the studio lately, I am frantically working on an order that is going to Japan, as well as trying to get my fall line finished... I just did some really long days and managed to get almost the entire order finished for Japan, and a few new things for fall...

My friend Mike and I went out and did a mini photo shoot of some new and old Little Houses stuff, he has sent me the first couple photos, here is a new sweater from the Fall 09 line.

I haven't even named it yet, or posted it for sale...

I will post more as they come... hopefully the fall line with actually be finished before fall arrives!


My friend send me this link to a Polaroid application, you can make your existing photo's look like old polaroids... I love it! Download it here

My husbands parents were here last week visiting, and the lovely Susan helped me finally spruce up my deck! I love it now...I plan to spend a lot of time out there this summer... if the summer ever makes it here!

So great... my new little sanctuary ...


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