Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sale! And new Jacket...

I am currently having a sale in the shop right now on the following items:

Sally Coat-Size Medium

Olive Coat in Red-Size Medium SOLD OUT

Olive Coat in Beige-Size Medium

Heretic Coat-Size Small

Staralfur Coat-Size Small

Get 'em while supplies last!

I also created this little red coat today...
The Goldsboro Jacket

It's damn hot today, so I think I best go and enjoy it!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Working on the Fall line

Projects! Last weekend was the weekend of projects... first was the couch... this couch was left by the old tenants, it was her grandmothers and I thought that it was such a modern, beautiful shape, I had to give it some tlc and reupholster it... so here it is before

and after!

I finally decided to update our bedroom.. unfortunately I didn't take a before pic, but it used to be this awful bubble gum pink... not my thing. So, I painted it a cozy sage green, added some of my favorite Etsy prints to the wall, and voila! It's magical.. I never want to leave.

Aside from all the redecorating, we have definitely been busy around the studio these days as well...working super hard trying to get the fall line completed AND photographed by the end of June... yikes.
Here is a sneak peak at some of the new stuff for fall...

The Fontaine Jacket
I had a few comments about the Fontaine Jacket made into a raincoat... I think I might just try it... yellow maybe? Or red!
Anyways... the new pant, which I normally don't do well with pants, but I'm pretty happy with these ones, they are a wide legged pant, I'm getting into the wide leg again I think... and they have a wide, elastic waistband,

The Leonard Pant
And the third of ten completed items... the Coloniale Cardigan

The fabric is a super soft, cotton knit. I love it. I may have to keep the sample for myself :)

In other news... I'm very sad that we never made it to Renegade. It just wasn't working out with the paperwork. Selling textiles over the border is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Ok, coffee on the porch time... its a lovely day out there.


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