Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Well spring is officially here! And it totally feels like it too... I got my first sunburn this weekend! Not that I'm and endorser of sunburns, but that first one always feels so good ya know? That first shot of Vitamin D after a long cold, dark winter. It is also the start of 'plenty of guests' season... we had our first round this weekend. I can foresee a lot of socializing this next few months... may have to crack the whip at some point and get to work! I am in the process of working on an order for a store in Halifax called Love, Me Boutique, I plan to have it finished in the next 2 weeks.

My website is FINALLY up!!! Yay!! Please have a lookie loo here... You can now buy things directly off of the site, rather than going through Etsy... although Etsy works fine too!

My husband and I have recently joined forces (sort of)... he has his new line Witch Hunt Clothing which I am helping him with and he is helping me with mine. It's great, we work together at the studio everyday but we are keeping our lines separate. Here are a few photos of his first new items which can currently be purchased in the 'Mens' section of the Little Houses Site....

The 'Edwin' hooded sweatshirt,

The 'D.B. Cooper' hooded t-shirt,

The 'Standby' Sweatershirt....

And the 'Philmonte' Pant....

So yes... we have been busy :)
I am hoping to have some new things for Little Houses soon... once this Halifax order gets finished I will have a bit more time!

I hope to post my weekly 'Etsy Finds' this week... until then, a couple pics of our beautiful sunny Montreal weekend...

Off to work now...


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Morning Coffee with Etsy

It's Sunday morning, my husband is in Toronto, and my lazy dog is still in bed... so I'm sitting cross legged at the computer with my coffee and Fleet Foxes quietly singing in the background... it's kind of cozy actually... My favorite thing to do while drinking my first coffee of the day is surf Etsy! There are so many great clothing designers on Etsy, it's really inspiring. So I have decided to share some of my fav's that I've come across today...

This top from Supayana is really cute, I'm loving it. This girl takes old vintage finds and reconstructs them into something beautiful... smart little cookie if you ask me... She's got some really great ideas, I may need to make a purchase one of these days! Have a peek at the rest of her lovely designs here

And another fabulous vintage shop! I love this cropped leather bomber jacket!

Persephone Vintage has a great eye! And I'm loving the photo's too... the outfits this girl wears really

sell the product... good job! Her other great finds can be found on her Etsy shop, located here

This super cute dress by Kaylim is brilliant! I just keep staring at it.. it's such a fantastic idea, I love things that are different and creative. I love how she has made the knitted cowl a part of the dress, it also has a drawstring so that you can wear it loose or tight... brilliant. Check out those hand stitched pockets! This dress is totally worth the $115 pricetag! Pick one up here

Still searching for the perfect little brown bag? Well I've found it! These bags from Penelope Foo
are probably the best leather bags I've seen on Etsy. They are super stylish, and really well made. This girl has some tallent.. this shop is definitely worth having a look at! I can't wait to one day own one of these... check out her new shop here

Ahhh... and last but not least, this magical Sparrow Dress by Makool. I feel like this would make a stunning wedding dress... It is layered with chiffon and silk... I'm in love. There are plenty more beautiful dresses to drool over on her Etsy shop here

Well... those are my Sunday fav's... I suppose it's time to start my day. The Sun is shining and it's even starting to feel a bit like spring!



Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Home!

It's been a while since my last post... I have been busy busy busy! What's new though, really.
We moved into a new apartment and I'm totally in love with it. It is definitely the best apartment I have ever lived in. Here is a sneak peek at the new place....

Other than all the moving fun, I am trying my hardest to sqeeze in spring designs! I recently received some amazing new handmade, ceramic buttons from Veronica Buttons. You can visit her Etsy store here. The buttons are stunning, but they are definitely larger than I expected! But they worked perfectly for these two new garments I've created. Here is the very first dress I have ever made, I call it The Clarice

And a new top made of a 100% wool knit, it's really soft and super light, perfect for spring! (If it ever decides to come around)

This top is called The Owl

And now for some favorite recent Etsy finds! I'm pretty sure that this bowl by Poodlebreath is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen... wow... I'll take 2 please!

And this amazing top by Replicca is super cool... I have been noticing this shop more and more and am really impressed with what their doing.

Well, I think it's about that time... tea and sleep.


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