Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goldsboro Jacket

I posted this sweater here the other day but it wasn't posted in my shop yet...
I have named it and it is now for sale in the shop....

The Augustine Sweater:

I have already posted the Goldsboro Jacket, but I really didn't like the photos... so here it is again, new and improved photo's by Mike Chui

I purchased this bike a few weeks ago for $20. Duncan and I took it apart, painted it, got some new bits and pieces for it... and voila! I'm in love with it now!

I think I will go for a ride right now....



  1. wow! very nice! this mut have been great to get around on in the summer. I love the silver details!

  2. I reallym really, really love this jacket. It is the world's best color too!


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