Sunday, August 16, 2009

I had a custom order request from a girl visiting Montreal from Calgary. She wanted the Missy sweater, but with a hood.... I whipped it up yesterday and thought it turned out great!

I love how high the neck goes...

You can find the Hooded Missy in my shop now....

A lot of changes are happening right now... this always seems to be the case in my life. Hopefully one day it will all sort itself out.

My favorite little nook in my apartment...

It has been really hot this past little while... I'm not so sure I candle the humidity here.

We shall see.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thunder and Lightning

I have fallen in love with East Coast storms.. it is so far my most favorite thing about living here.

I love having all the windows and doors open with the sound of loud cracking lightning and hard rain. So comforting in a way.

I have nothing new to show at the moment as I am currently scrambling to catch up... almost there...

Instead of posting my own.. I will post some favorites.

It's definitely an evening to be indoors with a cup of tea..

This photo by GabrielleKai is perfect...

And of course, my favorite of the bunch, the lovely Poodlebreath... never lets me down:

I love this necklace by Cosmic Girl

And who could survive a night without a heartbreaking picture of a Pug?

From my new favorite blog fuckyeahpugs

Back to sewing!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some Things That I Like.

Lovely dresses and lovely photos of dresses...

Cozy places...

Good movies...


And the reason I love them so much...


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