Tuesday, January 27, 2009

La Fleur

I have decided to try and make something new every week for the next little while. At least until spring... I also received an email today that Renegade Craft Fair in New York is finally accepting applications for the summer! Wish me luck on that one! I really really want to go to this... an Etsy craft fair?? So exciting!! Anyways... we'll see.

My friend sent me a link today, this ad was randomly posted on Boing Boing... apparently, Etsy has used my photo for their ad... kinda awesome!

I have been a bit addicted to Apartment Therapy lately.. I came across this photo of a room that I want to recreate.. it's amazing.

Lastly.. I made a new sweater, shocker. It's just such great cozy sweater season right now! This new one is called La Fleur and you can find it here

I believe that is all for this evening.. it's Project Runway night tonight so I must find my spot on the couch!



  1. wow, things are looking good for you :)
    an etsy craft fair? it must be the best craft fair ever! lovely sweater!

  2. wow. one of my favorite little houses photos is the backdrop for an esty ad? how cool is that?!!? i'm so proud of you!


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