Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well I'm sick.. I've been trying to ignore it and hope that it will just go away but alas... the sickness won. It's Valentines day.. and as much as I kind of think that this whole holiday is a bit of a joke.. Dunc and I decided to hang out. We took the dog to the mountain for a walk... turns out the actual 'walk' part was closed because it is sheer ice. So instead we went to see the horses! This lovely boy was wonderful..

He came at me and freaked me out!

So pretty....

The view today was pretty great... so nice and sunny out...

It was a bit cold with the wind.. so we came home for tea and chocolates!

I am doing my best to get new stuff done these days... The Brandenburg is a new spring coat

I think this one is my new favorite... The Arienette ... the fabric made me think of grandpa's coat, and what is a grandpa coat without leather elbow patches?

That's all for today... time to heat up some soup, brie and baguettes and get some rest...


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