Thursday, January 1, 2009

Getting there...

It's seems that moving blogs is a bit more work than I thought... I feel like I've been sitting at this computer for days! I did manage to get a new coat finished... I have never made a long coat like this before so some feedback would be much appreciated!

I called it the Mayfly Coat

I am starting to look forward to creating some spring stuff... although it sure didn't feel like spring today!! That photo shoot was rough... so cold!

I have been a total slacker with work this past couple weeks.. Monday will be the end of holiday mode! Time to get shit done...

And time for some tea and big hearty salad...



  1. Shanah! This coat is amazing! I think I'm quickly becoming one of your biggest fans.

  2. shanah, i love this coat! my favorite part of a lot of your clothes the way they're so asymmetrical, but still look like they fit well. you're totally my favorite. :D

  3. I completely love your work!
    Truly creative!


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