Friday, January 23, 2009

Sleepy January

Sleepy January has consisted of a whole lot of Etsy lurking! I came across this lovely little image,
her shop is called BackBone

This 'Little Helping Hands' plaque is amazing as well... lurking on Etsy when your broke is not a good idea! You can find her amazing treasures here

If anyone is going to be in Quebec City between January 22nd and March 15th, please check out Little Houses at the Materia Gallery. The show is called 'Du quilt au corps taillé'

This month has been boring, not a lot of action on the Etsy site, which means not a lot of action for Little Houses. So instead of moping about it (which I have been doing lately), I decided to take advantage and work work work! I am going to work on getting into some more stores, as well as getting spring stuff done, and more mens stuff. The newest mens sweater is called 'Elijah' and can be found here

I think that's all for now... time to go make some hot chocolate and curl up on the couch.


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