Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wide awake it's Morning...

It's been a busy week around here! Lot's of visitors, too much socializing and not enough sleep! I had my best friend from Vancouver come and stay for the weekend.. with all the excitement there was little work being done.. I did have a small, last minute sale at the Paper and Pine girls' house so I suppose you could call that work! It was a small, cozy little sale with some really great things, but unfortunately the weather just didn't cooperate! It rained all weekend! It now seems to be back to winter around here... I don't even like to say it out loud but IT'S SNOWING HERE! So sad... ah well, soon it will be too hot to bear..

I also found out this weekend that I got into Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this summer! Very exciting... now the pressure is really on to work my but off!!

Here are a few pics of the sale this weekend... the Little Houses rack,

And the PoodleBreath table...

The Pinpals were also there...

And a few more Etsy artists as well.

I made this sweater a couple months ago but never posted it because for some reason, I just didn't really like it... I was convinced otherwise this weekend and posted it promptly! Here is the Missy...

And the newest spring item... the Peasant top,

That's all for now... coffee is empty which means its time to get to work!


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  1. I am SO excited you are going to be at Renegade Craft fair this summer! Congratulations--I will definitely be saving my money in anticipation of stopping by your booth.


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