Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Well spring is officially here! And it totally feels like it too... I got my first sunburn this weekend! Not that I'm and endorser of sunburns, but that first one always feels so good ya know? That first shot of Vitamin D after a long cold, dark winter. It is also the start of 'plenty of guests' season... we had our first round this weekend. I can foresee a lot of socializing this next few months... may have to crack the whip at some point and get to work! I am in the process of working on an order for a store in Halifax called Love, Me Boutique, I plan to have it finished in the next 2 weeks.

My website is FINALLY up!!! Yay!! Please have a lookie loo here... You can now buy things directly off of the site, rather than going through Etsy... although Etsy works fine too!

My husband and I have recently joined forces (sort of)... he has his new line Witch Hunt Clothing which I am helping him with and he is helping me with mine. It's great, we work together at the studio everyday but we are keeping our lines separate. Here are a few photos of his first new items which can currently be purchased in the 'Mens' section of the Little Houses Site....

The 'Edwin' hooded sweatshirt,

The 'D.B. Cooper' hooded t-shirt,

The 'Standby' Sweatershirt....

And the 'Philmonte' Pant....

So yes... we have been busy :)
I am hoping to have some new things for Little Houses soon... once this Halifax order gets finished I will have a bit more time!

I hope to post my weekly 'Etsy Finds' this week... until then, a couple pics of our beautiful sunny Montreal weekend...

Off to work now...


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  1. Glad to see you're both keeping busy!

    I see the sunburn! Yay!


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