Saturday, April 18, 2009

'Fresh off the Press' Designer Fair

It's that time of year again!... Craft fair season :)
There are a few coming up but the first one is on May 9-10th from 12-5. If you live in Montreal, come check it out! There are going to be some really great designers there so don't miss it! It will be held at 4064 Boul. St. Laurent on the 2nd floor...

Other news.... we are re-locating the studio! We realized that our apartment is quite big and we were spending extra money on a space that we didn't really need... so, we moved... and it's great... in 2 days I managed to get EIGHT things done!! I can't believe it.. I actually am feeling like I'm almost caught up. Here are a couple pics of the new studio...

I found this great blog this weekend called Crafty Nest... it gives you ideas on how to transform old junk, like these old drawers that I made into a shelving unit... I love it!

It was my good friends 30th last weekend, so we put on our finest duds and party hats!

I can feel my 30th creeping up rather quickly... yikes...

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