Thursday, March 18, 2010

. . : Spring is in the Air : . .

It's really starting to feel like Spring around here... it's been really warm and the sun has been shining. I'm getting so excited for Summer, so much that I decided it was time to make a Spring/Summer dress. I haven't named it yet, and it is not yet available online... I'm actually not sure when I will be posting it online... probably in the next few weeks.

For all you Vancouverites, you can find this dress at a couple places in the city..

Twigg & Hottie, located at 3671 Main Street @ 21st Avenue

As well as Dream, located at 311 W. Cordova Street in Gastown.

Another Spring addition is the Rue Boyer which is located in my Etsy shop...

It is made of a very thin, lightweight wool suiting... perfect for those cool Spring nights!

The beach was amazing the other day... can't wait till it's 30C outside!


  1. Hi! I discovered you at Etsy. I really love your high collar jackets! And can't wait till spring too;-) Your dress is perfect for it.

  2. LOVE the new dress, Shan! So, so cute!!!!!! Will you be selling it online, or just in-store (in-'couve)?


  3. I just read your article on Etsy for the quite your job series. Thanks for the tips! I love your stuff!!


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