Sunday, January 3, 2010

I just purchased these pants on Etsy and I am so excited to get them! They are such a great design, very unique.

They are from a new shop called Lindsaylindsay23.

I finally organized my studio space.. it was a disaster for the past 2 months. I moved in right in the middle of the Christmas rush so I had no time to do anything else but sew... I spent the evening last night cleaning and organizing and I'm so excited with the result! It finally feels like a cozy workspace.

I have also been slowly getting my apartment in order since I moved in in October. It's coming along nicely! I love my bedroom.. I could easily just live in here...

I hope to have some new spring designs coming up soon... if I can ever get caught up! I think my focus this season is going to be dresses. Can't wait :)



  1. oooh, i love those pants!! you'll need to post a pic when you get them!

    i am itching for that rosemont sweater. i cannot get it out of my mind. very soon, i promise to make an order, if you still continue to make it! ;-)

    you new pad is amazing and i love your creative space!

  2. those pants are so awesome! so glad you get to enjoy them.
    your studio is perfect.


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