Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thunder and Lightning

I have fallen in love with East Coast storms.. it is so far my most favorite thing about living here.

I love having all the windows and doors open with the sound of loud cracking lightning and hard rain. So comforting in a way.

I have nothing new to show at the moment as I am currently scrambling to catch up... almost there...

Instead of posting my own.. I will post some favorites.

It's definitely an evening to be indoors with a cup of tea..

This photo by GabrielleKai is perfect...

And of course, my favorite of the bunch, the lovely Poodlebreath... never lets me down:

I love this necklace by Cosmic Girl

And who could survive a night without a heartbreaking picture of a Pug?

From my new favorite blog fuckyeahpugs

Back to sewing!


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